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Cambridge Through The Eyes Of A Foodie

Imagine strolling through Cambridge passed colleges which look like they are made out of sugar in the bright sunlight, wandering through quaint passages set around the historic Market Place, getting your culture kick at interesting museums and art galleries or spreading out your picnic in one of the many parks or commons.

What about the local food scene?

Would that be something on your bucket list? English food is often labelled as uninteresting and bland, but nothing is less true! The local food scene is peppered with interesting flavours from locally sourced produce and brewed ales, delicious food influenced by immigrants and exploring the world many years ago.

Nothing better then to join a local foodie!

Join us on one of our Cambridge Food Tours to discover the fantastic local food! We start in the historic centre of Cambridge and move to areas, which many people never get to see. The Cambridge Food Tour has an intimate knowledge of Cambridge, it’s food suppliers and the restaurants, bars, cafes and market vendors that present their fare. Cambridge really is a food lover’s heaven. Join us on one of our Cambridge Food tours and taste and experience Cambridge in a different light!

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Are you a foodie or do you want to get under the skin of a city you visit? Or a local who wants to find out which foodie delights there are on your doorstep? Then the Cambridge Food Tour is just what you’re looking for. We’ll take you off the beaten track, places which many tourists and even locals never get to see!

Our 4-hour Lunch with the Cambridge Food Tour runs 6 days per week, but not on Sunday and includes 7 food tastings and 1 beer tasting. Our 5-hour Classic Cambridge Food Tour runs on dedicated dates and includes 7 food tasting and an English cheese and tipples pairing and 2 beer tastings. Our 3-hour Pub tour runs once per week with 5 food tastings with wine or beer.

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