Cambridge Through The Eyes Of A Foodie

Imagine strolling through Cambridge in the bright sunlight passed colleges which look like they are made out of sugar, wandering through quaint passages set around the historic Market Place, getting your culture kick at interesting museums and art galleries or spreading out your picnic on one of the many parks or commons. However wouldn’t it be nice to see Cambridge in a different light? We’ll take you to amazing foodie places and area’s very few tourists get to see and sometimes even unknown to locals.

Our food walking tours take you off the beaten path and we’ll show you Cambridge through the eyes of a foodie and it will be a day you won’t soon forget!

Rated by Tripadvisor as one of the top attractions to do in Cambridge and as one of the top 20 food tours in the world!


About the Tasting Tours

cambridge tasting tours the foodiesGerla and fellow foodies lead small groups eating and drinking their way through Cambridge from the historic centre to areas many people never get to see.
cambridge tasting tours the toursOur food walking tours are filled with the best of British and Cambridge food and spiced with local tales and history of food. Come and join us and ‘taste’ Cambridge with us.  
cambridge tasting tours the spotsCambridge is our oyster! There are so many good foodie places to choose from these days. For our private tours, we include your favourites. On our scheduled tours, we have made a seasonal selection of our passionate foodie traders ranging from well-known places, street food and ones off the beaten track.
cambridge tasting tours must doOur food tours aren’t just for visitors, but perfect for locals too to find out what is on their door step. You can look forward to meeting local foodies, hear their stories and enjoy their very tasty food and drinks. Rated by Tripadvisor as one of the top attractions to do in Cambridge and as one of the top 20 food tours in the world!


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Our 4-hour Lunch with the Cambridge Food Tour runs 6 days per week, but not on Sunday and includes at least 12 food tastings and 1 beer tasting. Our 4-hour Classic Cambridge and Artisan Food Tour runs on dedicated dates and includes at least 12 food tastings, wine tastings, beer tutoring and hands on experiences.  Our 3-hour Pub tour runs once per week with 5 food tastings with wine or beer.

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