crepeaffaire Cambridge

crepeaffaire Cambridge

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Fit For A Prince – Fit For Us!

Over the last year, we have experienced  many different flavours on our food tour. However, there was one missing although they were available in the sweet version as street food. I am very excited with the arrival of our ‘own pancake house’. It’s a bit of a culture thing for me. The Dutch like their pancakes in every form and shape from huge to the small ones, also called ‘poffertjes’.

I was chuffed to bits to find out the other day, that Bridge Street would be the home of a Crêperie. I would get into trouble with the French population of Cambridge to call these pancakes as they are far from it. A Crêpe is much thinner than a pancake. So why am I so excited by the arrival of crepeaffaire? It’s the savoury variety, which I have missed in Cambridge.

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I have more of a savoury tooth, than a sweet one. Although a nice piece of chocolate never goes a miss, but you never will see me eating a sweet pancake. It’s all too much for me. My favourite Dutch variety is a calorie bomb so as a treat I don’t have that too often; bacon, cheese and ‘stroop’ (which is a type of sirup).

Crêpeaffaire is the brainchild of Daniel Spinath, also Dutch just like me. Maybe that’s why they have those amazing toppings? In the Netherlands pancakes have almost turned into pizza’s. The toppings you can get here are just as varied as pizza toppings.

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Crêpeaffaire has certainly become very popular in the short time it has been open in Cambridge. I managed ‘to squeeze’ it into my tours every time I have been out touring people around. It’s not just the pancakes, which are an attraction, but the automatic crêpe maker too. You can find this at the back of the shop and it is fascinating.

Another favourite of mine ‘flown’ over from the Netherlands is mint tea. I’m sure you will think ‘What is so special about that’? It’s just mint leaves and hot water. Very refreshing and hugely popular with the Dutch. If you don’t like just water and leaves, then you can add some tea too.

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I love the page on their website about ‘the 7 common myths of the Crêpe’. It gives you the full low down of what to expect. Yes indeed, you can take them away too and have a ‘English Breakfast’ crêpe to kick start the day. The Crêpes are actually a wholesome meal as they made fresh with organic flour, free-range eggs and fresh ingredients. You even can add salad to your order. In a few months time, they will have gluten free crêpes too.

My favourite Crêpe is definitely the one with goat cheese, spinach and caramelised onions, but the pesto and mushroom one is very nice too! Apart from the savoury ones, there is a nice selection of sweet Crêpes too. Don’t forget to check out their smoothies and fresh juices.

Crêpeaffaire not only has become my new love affaire in town, but Prince William’s too! He was spotted picking up a Crêpe the other day at Crêpeaffaire.


p.s. check out this army below – it’s going to be flipping mad in Cambridge on strove Tuesday