Entice The Dessert Lounge

Entice The Dessert Lounge

Entice crepes

Entice – Heavenly Sweet Delights

Can I entice you? I can assure you, that it will not be difficult at all if you have a sweet tooth! Cambridge already had its own ‘whiskey parlour’, but since Monday we have our very own ‘dessert parlour’ too, Entice – the dessert lounge. This lovely bright shop on Mill Road is all about desserts.

Entice Gulab Jamun

For many years you could shop  here to your heart delight for wigs until Daksha’s son and his girlfriend convinced his mother to follow their dream to open a dessert lounge. Daksha and her family have lived in Cambridge for many years, but hail from India. Just in case you aren’t aware, but Indian’s love their desserts and so do I! I don’t have a massive sweet tooth, but you can twist my arm any time of the day for a delicious Indian dessert. They are small, very yummy and moorish.

Entice Daksha

Entice Indian sweets 2

Entice shop 3









Yesterday I was keen to check out Entice so off to Mill Road to taste some of the sweet delights. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. You can get here anything from ice-cream, Sundays, waffles, milk shakes, smoothies, crêpes, cakes, mousse type desserts to my favourite Indian ones.

I was bound to be in for treat so what do you do if a girl is let out in a ‘sweet shop’ or I should rather say ‘dessert shop’? She can’t choose. I was glad that Daksha give me a helping hand where to start my journey of Indian desserts. I had Gulab Jamun with vanilla ice cream and a dash of chocolate sauce complimented with an espresso. Next time it will be definitely my favourite dessert; Ras Malai with a spiced tea. I can see myself working through the Indian desserts over the next couple of weeks and I’m already plotting how to make them part of our food tour. The problem is the size of our ‘tummies’.

Entice plate of Indian sweets

Entice Indian sweet twirls

Entice plate of Gulab Jamun






Entice is a great addition to the local food scene. I can highly recommend you making your way down here. With great hosts like Daksha, Nadine and Kevel you will be in for a treat.

And the food? All locally produced. Did you spot the orange twirls above? Did you know these Jangiri’s are actually quite ‘healthy’! They are made of Gram flour, yoghurt and natural colouring.