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Macarons Are The New Cupcake

This statement is just as bold as their vibrant colours. I have to admit I’ve never been a great fan of cup cakes. I like the plain ones, but I’m a bigger fan of the savoury ones. Good savoury cup cakes are surprisingly hard to get in this country, but last weekend I spotted some delicious ones at the South Bank street food market.

Why I don’t like cup cakes? Just a personal thing I am afraid. I don’t like the toppings. Without the toppings, they can get very bland. Saying that, I love the whole bran ones, filled with nuts and raisins. Unfortunately I haven’t come across them in UK yet. A correction has to be made here though as cup cakes without a topping are muffins apparently. With my roots in the Netherlands, where cup cakes only recently have become popular, I decided to go on the hunt for the real name. According to Wikipedia, cup cakes aren’t British at all. It was first created in the US. So can we conclude then, that cup cake is the American word for fairy cake? Unfortunately Wikipedia, aren’t very clear about it.


Online there have been many articles written about the ‘cup cake and macaron war’. There seem to be two camps. One blogger stated, that macarons could never be the new cup cake as it was French and not English. However, it would now sadly appear that they are not English, but American. Whatever, it is a cake very popular with the Brits and on every little princess’ party wish list served with a thick coat of pink icing. Did I say earlier, that I don’t like those toppings? I changed my mind instantly when I came across the Cup Cake Project. I spotted a cup cake topped with egg benedictine… Yes please!

On to the delicate little Frenchies… Brightly coloured, crisp with a gooey filling. Most of the time to be seen sweet, but the savoury versions are very popular  in fine dining restaurants these days instead of a canapé. I have been told, that it is a fine art creating  savoury ones.  It’s fair to say, that making a cup cake is almost fool proof. Creating macaroons is not easy at all. So why sweat behind the stove and be disappointed with the end result if you can buy them locally freshly made? In case you didn’t know, Corinne from Gourmandises. has mastered the fine art of besides making delicious French style cakes, macarons. These beautiful macaroons are one of the current ‘sweet’ crazes. Perfect for a gift too. For these  special occasions Corinne will put them in a pretty box tied up with ribbon.

corinneCorinne is a self confessed foodie, excellent patissier chef and owner of Gourmandises. She will be my guest on the 17th of November in the Sunday Kitchen sharing her delicious food of her home country and showing us how to create Creole cuisine.  Tomorrow the 8th of June she will be showcasing her talents in showing us how to make macarons at Steamer Trading Cookshop on the market square in Cambridge.

Earlier this week, Corinne and I had some fun putting a delicious display together. It was like two big girls having fun doing Lego. Ok fair to say, that I was only watching whilst Corinne was doing the hard work.

Talking about fun. Corinne and I have teamed up and are very excited to introduce you to the ‘Perfect afternoon for the girls’.

cambridge-food-tour-Cocktails-Macarons and Cocktails

We’ll meet you in the centre of Cambridge and whisk you off to a secret location for a hands on macaron making session. You can expect a bottle of chilled wine waiting for you, Corinne at hand to teach you the fine tricks of how to create these delicious biscuits and after all that hard work, you will be rewarded with fine cocktails in one of the swankiest bars in Cambridge. Cocktails and macarons a, must be the recipe for the start of a good night out.

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